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Ashore for Teams

Ashore exists to help you find space to focus and do your most creative, important work.
Whether it's making big decisions, or building the most needle-moving products: these moments are make and break in the life of an early stage company.
And sometimes they can't be done alone.
That’s why - alongside the classic one or two person homes - we're now opening up access to five larger homes designed for productivity and collaboration in small teams.

Set up how you like it: whether it’s our best-in-class Ashore workspaces, gear for creating content, or setups for collaborating together.

Not only can your team spend time together - they'll have everything they need to get stuff done.

Best of all, you can book any of our amazing team homes right now, with just a credit card.

Alternatively, you can speak to one of team Ashore in the next hour: whether it's about a specific team stay you're planning; or about offering Ashore stays to your startup as a company benefit (for more info about that specifically, click here).
I want to:
PS. Still not sure? If you're a founder you can apply for a founder residency, meaning you may be able to book an individual stay - entirely on us - before committing to a group stay.