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Your Property Details

The aim of collecting the data below is to help the Ashore team provide speedy resolutions to questions from guests, especially when a speedy answer makes a big difference to the guest's overall experience.
If you have any questions about anything we ask in this form, feel free to email us ([email protected] directly, or to the [email protected] email, which is shared between Steph and Aled).
Please note: We will never share this information with a guest before you have personally confirmed in writing that you are accepting them as a guest, and payment has already been sent to you.

Firstly - what's the name of your property?

Q1. What is the internet password for your property?

Q2. What is the address of your property (including postcode)?

Q3. Please describe how guests can access the property on the first night of their stay (if it is a lockbox with a code, please provide the code!) - if you have different processes based on arrival time, please provide ALL the instructions a guest may need.

Q4. If you offer parking, how many cars can park there, and what do guests need to know in order to park? If you do not offer parking, what is the nearest train station to you?

Q5. Please upload your guest instructions / welcome book here - whatever you typically send to your guests to introduce them to your property. If you typically send this information as an email, please upload as a PDF.

Never submit passwords through Tally forms.
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