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New Host Information

About Ashore & how we partner with hosts

Thank you for getting in touch with Ashore about hosting your property on our platform. This form serves two functions - it's a way for us to get to know a bit about you, as well as a way for you to learn a bit more about how Ashore works.
Here's an outline of how our process works, so you can decide whether to proceed:
1. Read the Ashore overview, and fill out the application form to certify your interest in becoming an Ashore host
2. The Ashore bookings team reviews your application and responds within 5 working days
3. If successful, we organise a call to answer any further questions about Ashore before listing
4. Ashore terms and conditions signed off by host
5. Equipment delivery and Ashore listing created
6. Listing goes live on Ashore and is promoted on our social media, as well as directly emailed out to our mailing list
Ashore Overview
Ashore is a platform for finding and booking stays in homes with amazing workspaces, located in some of the UK's most beautiful towns and villages.
Our mission is to make it easy to work remotely, from anywhere, and to help highlight rural UK locations as an amazing place to recharge, and be inspired to do your best work.
Traditional short-term rental platforms and holiday cottages have fallen flat for the types of people who become Ashore members - the wifi is spotty, there's nowhere to actually work, and - considering how low-effort they are when they stay - they feel hustled by hidden fees and terms.
Who uses Ashore?
We have thousands of members, almost all of whom live in the UK, with a few regular European travellers too. The average Ashore user:
(A) works for a company headquartered in a larger city like London, Bristol or Manchester;
(B) typically has a laptop-based job - in technology, consulting, the legal profession, etc;
(C) needs a quiet area with a solid internet connection to work;
(D) is in their early 30s-40s (although our oldest guest so far was in their mid-60s!);
(E) aren't interested in becoming a full-time digital nomad, but they do enjoy combining travel with work where possible.
What does the typical host look like?
Most of our hosts rent out one separate property to their own house, and have put a lot of love and effort into how it looks. The same goes for the way they have designed the guest experience for those who stay with them - many of our guests are pleasantly surprised to receive a welcome basket of local produce when they arrive, for example.
We have some truly rural locations e.g. the Isle of Skye as well as some which are located in larger villages or towns.
At the moment, we do not list any properties outside of the UK.
Where does Ashore come in?
We are a team from a diverse set of backgrounds united by the mission to make remote working actually work. For way too long, we put up with working at our kitchen tables and feeling tied to a place relatively near to our old offices, in a time when technological advancements mean that most places in the UK can be fitted out to be a suitable place for quiet, contemplative work.
We source the highest quality workspace equipment as part of the onboarding process for new hosts; we quality-check new locations; and we also consult with our hosts on ways to improve the experience for Ashore guests. And of course, we market host properties directly to our members, and handle guest booking requests and payments.
To support our hosts in securing guests, we have established a partner ecosystem - on the one hand, offering complimentary services to Ashore guests at the point of booking (e.g. car rentals, meal deliveries, etc), and on the other hand, a B2B offering where we directly partner with employers who offer fully remote or hybrid remote employment, and want to encourage their team to make the most out of that flexibility. Both of these plug into what you can think of as "the demand side" of Ashore - generating bookings for our hosts.
I am interested. How do I become an Ashore host?
Please fill out the below form for us as a first step. This also includes an overview of host fees as well.
The Basics
1. Name of property:
2. Do you run your own website? If so, please enter the URL here:
3. Does your property have a dedicated Instagram page? If so, please enter the URL here:
4. Do you receive bookings via any of the following sites? Tick all that apply.
Untitled checkboxes field
5. If you said 'Other', please list the other sites you use to receive bookings; otherwise, leave blank:
6. How many bedrooms does your property have?
7. How many desks do you estimate you could install or already have installed into the property? Most of our workspaces have 1, 2 or 3.
8. Ashore uses the ical standard to integrate into other sites and ensure space availability on our own site is accurate. Please confirm you have an ical link to share if successful:
Untitled multiple choice field
9. Please run an internet speed test (you can use many services, but use this one if you haven't done it before) and input the results:
10. Do you have any "cool features"? Examples from current hosts include: an outdoor bath, a cinema room, electric vehicle charging points, a vineyard next door, proximity to a beach, etc.
Property limitations
1. Is the property dog-friendly?
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2. By default, most of our properties are baby-friendly/child-friendly/family-friendly, with a limited exception for where a property is truly unsuitable.
Are there any reasons why your property cannot host babies or children? If so, please list here (or leave blank):
3. Is your property wheelchair-accessible?
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Host pricing
Ashore operates with a relatively simple pricing model, mostly because we have a far smaller community of hosts than the mass-aggregator platforms. We add a small percentage fee on top of the pricing you list below for sourcing guests and processing stays, which the guests pay.
1. Bearing in mind that we do not dynamically price, nor do we allow extra fees for cleaning, animals etc, please outline your off-peak and on-peak pricing below.
2. What does the "on-peak" season start?
3. When does the "on-peak" season end?

Host fees

Membership to Ashore as a host carries a monthly membership fee equal to 1x the per-night rate, during the high season. So if you listed your on-peak price above as £299 per night, you would pay a monthly subscription through the year of £299 per month to list with Ashore.
The first year is an annual subscription to allow us time to start ramping demand for your property.
After that time, if you're happy to keep working with Ashore, your membership fee becomes a monthly rolling subscription.
In addition, by default, each new home carries a one-time setup fee per workspace of £2500 (the standard Ashore setup costs over £4000 if bought at retail price). Ashore handles all sourcing and delivery of the setup. Once purchased, the setup belongs to you, and you are free to use it for non-Ashore guests, subject to our terms and conditions.
The standard Ashore workspace includes a specially-made collapsible desk from our friends at Pegg Furniture, so it's very easy to dismantle the workspace to create extra room in your property when it's not being used for an Ashore stay.
You can purchase additional setups at any time (we have found that the most popular Ashore homes have 2x Ashore setups, as many of our guests have a partner who works in a similar field who they travel with).
Fees are not refundable.
Please tick here to show you have read and understood the fees.
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Final step:
Please read our host terms and conditions. This is very important!
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